astuteSD is a collaboration of consultants, educators and trainers in the disciplines of System Dynamics and Business Intelligence. Our company’s mission is to bring simplicity to complexity and insight to analytics.

Business Intelligence, Big Data, Data-driven Analytics: What does this mean to me?

Learn what it takes to be a analytics-driven organization. Learn how to turn data into insight and insight into action. astuteSD offers consulting, courses and trainings in everything from best practices for BI implementations to the technicalities of database architecture choices.

System Dynamics. Systems Thinking, Simulation Modeling: How do I know my decisions are the right ones?

Learn the science of policy planning with a systems-thinking lens. Move into the world where insight includes understanding the dynamics of your decisions and anticipating unintended consequences. Explore high-risk decisions in a simulated world before you make them for real. Our consultants and educators combine the best of strategy planning with the best of simulation technology. Bring science to the art of management with a powerful toolkit developed out of MIT and refined by some of the best minds in management.